Studio Thomas van der Sman

An icon in Eindhoven, which has been there for decades, is given a fresh start. The Holy Heart statue that is located on top of the church “de Paterskerk” seemed to have faded into the cityscape. A series of projections will be shown on the statue. Now it shines like it used to and invites everybody to come visit.


A concept that answers the question on how the church can be reconnected to the people of Eindhoven. In the future the function of the complex in which the church is situated will change. The idea of the project is that people can see the church in a new light. That is why I chose to change the image and direct the attention to the statue in this way.





Komt tot mij (come to me)   2015

True collection


Volume 0.1




Komt tot mij

Philipsdorp 2.0

Tube carafe